Open-USB-IO Image

Open-USB-IO Image

Open-USB-IO makes it very easy and very cheap to control hardware from your computer. You can also program the ATMEGA32 microprocessor to do anything you want.

The Open-USB-IO board will plug into the USB port on a Linux, Mac or Windows computer ( Vista or XP) and provide a variety of digital and analogue inputs and outputs including 7 motor drivers, RS-232, an LDR,  Pulse Width Modulators, and more.  No special software drivers are required just a simple command line or GUI program. The board is ideal for controlling real hardware from a USB port and for programming at the level of command line or script, C++ on the PC, or C and assembler on the ATMEGA32 microprocessor that is the heart of the board.

See for more details,  an excellent reference manual, required programs and more.

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Do you need the Live-DVD?

If you just want to use Open-USB-IO to control hardware from your PC then you don’t need the live-DVD.  You can download the Windows or Linux program you need plus a reference manual from
If you want to write you own code for the ATMEGA32 microprocessor then yes you need the  live-DVD with all the development tools and example projects.