Interesting Bytes is a group of consultants based in Melbourne Australia who work in the computer industry.  We can provide a variety of consulting services and a few interesting hardware and software products.  Consulting expertise includes-

  • Windows programming.
  • Web programming.
  • Microprocessor and electronics development.
  • Linux and networking systems.

What’s New?

April 2010 : Open-USB-IO has got several new features that are very useful-

  • New boards come with a USB Bootloader so you can program the ATMEGA32 from the USB cable from your laptop.
  • The Co-USB feature allows you to add the USB interface to your own code so both are working at the same time.  Your code can interact with the PC via the USB link,  and you get a powerful symbolic debugger for checking what your code is doing.
  • There is a Mac version of the command line at last.